Sand & Mud Traps

The sand and mud trap’s function is to prevent sand and mud from entering storm water systems. They are typically implemented for commercial use, such as for vehicle washes and equipment rental facilities, where the excess sediment in the drain water may cause clogging by mud and sand run off.



CONCRETE: Class 1 concrete with design strength of 4500 PSI at 28 days.  Unit is of monolithic construction at floor and first stage of wall.  Baffle is slide-in type.
REINFORCEMENT Grade 60 reinforced with steel rebar conforming to ASTM A615 on required centers.
CASTINGS Cast iron manhole ring and cover shall be nominal 24″ and shall be traffic duty.


  • Concrete Grade Rings (4″ and 6″ standard)
  • Steel Riser Rings (1/2″ increments up to 5″)
  • Delivery and set in prepared excavation with state-of-the-art crane-truck (location dependent)
  • Locally specified and custom structures available

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