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Sanitary and Stormwater

"Thanks for having a strong Quality Control program that understands DOTD accepted practice.”

- Alden “Casey” Allen, LA DOTD-Engineering & Operations Manager

Catch Basins

Precast concrete catch basins are designed to drain excess stormwater and groundwater from paved streets, parking lots, and sidewalks. Gainey’s precast concrete catch basins provide an alternative to poured-in-place or bricked structures. Quality, economy, and efficiency are increased by using precast drainage structures. D.O.T.D approved!

Custom Sizes Available
  • Straight base or extended base sections are available.

  • Riser sections as required.

  • Various sizes from 12”x12” to almost any large structure are needed.


Precast concrete manholes are used in sanitary sewer and storm drain systems for maintenance access, observation points, pipe size or direction changes, and multiple pipes junctions.

  • Straight base or extended base sections are available.

  • Riser Sections in 1’, 2’, 3’, and 4’ Sections

  • Eccentric Cones in 2’ and 3’ Sections

  • Grade Rings in 4” and 6” Sections or as Required

  • Flexible rubber connectors available in most sizes to accommodate pipe penetration

  • Interior/Exterior Coating and Steps


We have officially been certified as a DBE! Visit our “About Us” page or click here for more information!

ebr qpl

invert systems

Manhole Invert Informational Handout
EBR lift station

Lift Stations

Whenever possible, wastewater systems employ the force of gravity to transport waste from homes and businesses to centralized treatment facilities.  But what happens when gravity decides to work against you? Lift stations or pump stations must be installed to “lift” wastewater to a higher elevation where it can continue to flow by gravity.

The next time you encounter a lift station on a set of plans, decide what part you really want to do and let us do the rest.

You can have it YOUR way!

Turn Key

At Gainey’s, turn key means we do it all with no headache for you.  We will excavate, install concrete, piping, pumps, control panel, limestone around the perimeter, fencing, and lighting.  Our crew will make quick work of it, while your crew moves on to bigger and better things.

Employee working on a turn key lift station
Concrete Only

Gainey’s supplies a full range of Wet Wells and Valve pits for contractors to install no matter how big or small the project may be.  All structures are made per your site specifications including specialized coatings, admixtures, and pipe penetrations.

Installation Photo of a lift station
Stormwater Treatment Structure installed

Stormwater Treatment

Together, with Environment21, Gainey’s provides a full line of Engineered Stormwater Treatment products that can be quickly and easily sized by our Stormwater Engineers specifically for your site.

  • Rapid response turn around on all designs within 24 hours

  • Easy to use sizing/pricing request form

  • Easy to find specifying documents

unistorm 3D model


The “UniStorm” provides primary treatment of stormwater using precast manholes. The Unistorm system employs low-head loss internal flow diffusers and flow distributors to reduce stormwater turbulence and improve flow distribution. This allows on-line operation to eliminate pollutant bypassing during high-intensity rainfall events. Its design allows it to help you meet the EPA goal of 80% TSS removal efficiency and 40% phosphorus removal. Shallow sump depth of 4-5 feet reduces excavation costs and facilitates pumpout. Unistorm systems are ideal for sites with limited space and/or difficult soil conditions.

Koala 3D model

ESK Koala

ESK Koala is the latest in European Technology for High Efficiency Oil Water Separation. Through the application of coalescing media the ESK achieves removal efficiencies as low as 5 PPM (Parts Per Million) at flow rates in excess of 5000gpm, making it one of the most competitive high efficiency oil/water separators in the country.

Optional accessories include catastrophic spill valves, high level alarms, and high efficiency grit chambers. The ESK Koala is the perfect product for your industrial or commercial application.

Looking for a CAD drawing?  Click Here.
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