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Wastewater Treatment

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

The Gainey model extended aeration sewer treatment system is a top of the line community sewerage system for housing developments from as small as 5 homes to as large as 500 (up to 200,000GPD). This system can also be used for commercial or institutional facilities of practically any size.  Designed to meet La DHH and “Ten States Standards” requirements.  The beauty of our precast plants is that they can be installed in stages to meet your project’s phase requirements.

Our specialty contracting crew is licensed and insured to install our extended aeration treatment plants in Louisiana and Mississippi.  All of our work is performed conforming to OSHA’s regulations for safety in excavation.

Grease Traps



Meets the strictest discharge limits of

 5 mg/L BOD

5 mg/L TSS

2 mg/L Ammonia Nitrogen

5 mg/L Phosphorus


Can be used to upgrade existing facilities that now have to meet these stricter guidelines


We have multiple options available to accommodate all budgets and footprint sizes for wastewater treatment



Grease Traps

Over 70% of sewer blockages are caused by fats, oils, and grease (F.O.G.). A well-designed and maintained grease trap could be your sewer’s last line of defense.

The Grease Trap’s function is to intercept liquid greasy waste and garbage and retain it for an adequate amount of time, thereby allowing the greasy liquid to cool down. This process, in turn, promotes the separation and coagulation of the grease from the water.  Moreover, the detention time created by the grease trap allows for the separation of garbage from the waste.

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Oil Water Separators

The Oil and Water Separator’s function is to separate clear water in oil/water runoff from car washes, mechanic shops, gas stations, etc. The separator uses gravitational force and the varying densities of oil and water to remove oil from drainage. In some applications, oil and water separators are used in series with grit traps and reclaim tanks to reclaim water for car washes and similar systems.


Sand And Mud Traps

The sand and mud trap’s function is to prevent sand and mud from entering storm water systems. They are typically implemented for commercial use, such as for vehicle washes and equipment rental facilities, where the excess sediment in the drain water may cause clogging by mud and sand run off.


Residential Sewer Treatment

Gainey’s manufactures and provides the Mo-Dad-1 Residential Sewer Treatment System to Mo-Dad certified installation contractors.  The Mo-Dad-1 500 gallons per day sewer treatment system was designed to meet the needs of single-family residences. When the Board of Health Letter of Approval states 500 G.P.D. “aerobic treatment unit,” the Mo-Dad-1 is perfect for the development.

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