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DEQ/LDH Permitting

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Lunch n Learns
for PDH & CEU Credit

Use our courses to satisfy your annual professional requirements! Come in, take a tour of our plant and have lunch on us! Let us bring your team lunch and come to you.

Or tune in for a Lunch n Learn LIVE on Facebook.


Design Consultation

  • Custom Commercial/Industrial Precast Structures

  • Grease Trap Sizing

  • WWTPs and Lift Stations sizing & design

Contact Cyndi to get started:

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Contracting Licenses

Municipal and Public Works Construction

Pipe Work (Sewer)

Pipe Work (Water Lines)

Sewer Plants or Sewer Disposal


Provide Mechanical Equipment
for Wastewater & Stormwater

  • Mechanical Equipment we offer at Gainey’s:

  • Motors

  • Blowers (PD and Regen)

  • Pumps (Submersible and Above Ground)

  • Tertiary Filters

  • Control Panels

  • Flow Measurement Devices

  • System Monitoring Devices

  • Chlorinators

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Coating on Precast Structures

We offer a Coal Tar Epoxy coating that assists with water-proofing your precast structure.  The Coal Tar Epoxy coating acts as a secondary barrier against any ground-water infiltration and any sewer that may try to escape.  We have used several different variations of this product, some being: Carboline Bitumastic 300M and Tnemec 46H


Our 100% Solids Epoxy coating is an Anti-Microbial coating designed to prevent corrosion inside of sewer structures caused by the sewer gasses trapped within the structure or sewer system.  We are experienced in the application of 2 different types of this coating.  Carboline Semstone 140 and Tnemec 218/434. 

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Don't know what coating you need? Contact Cyndi
Need coating for your project? Contact Estimating

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