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Industrial Structures

Package Utility Vaults

Why waste time and labor on the tedious installation of pipe and valves in your next utility vault? Let Gainey’s plumb it out for you so you can avoid costly additional equipment, skilled labor, and job site interruptions. Contact us for custom drawings per your site requirements.


Valves and piping supported and installed prior to delivery

Eliminate field pour ‐ sloped sump cast in prior to delivery

Value engineered conversion from cast in place to precast

Delivery and set in prepared excavation with state‐of‐the‐art crane‐truck (location dependent)

Industrial Structure Utility Vault
Utility Vault Industrial Structure
UtilityVault Industrial Structure


Gainey’s manufactures custom Precast Concrete Ballast
Weights for use in marine applications for numerous pipe sizes and types.


When US Fusion contacted Gainey’s about fast-tracking the precast pipe ballast weights that they needed for a project, they were on a critical time schedule. Lead estimator Loretta George quickly called a production meeting with our company president, VP of Sales and VP of Operations to discuss the critical path of this project and the logistics of meeting their schedule. We made a commitment to the contractor guaranteeing we would be ready by their deadline. The entire company rallied to meet and beat our promised timeline by 3 days!

Industrial Pipe Ballasts

Pipe Pedestals

We work with engineers and contractors alike to design build custom precast pedestals for use with pipe racks and other industrial applications.  Precast pedestals can be built ahead of time and installed at a more rapid pace versus the traditional cast-in-place pedestals.

Industrial Pipe Pedestals
Looking for a CAD drawing? Contact Cyndi Glascock at
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