Lift Stations

Whenever possible, wastewater systems employ the force of gravity to transport waste from homes and businesses to centralized treatment facilities.  But what happens when gravity decides to work against you? Lift stations or pump stations must be installed to “lift” wastewater to a higher elevation where it can continue to flow by gravity.

The next time you encounter a lift station on a set of plans, decide what part you really want to do and let us do the rest.

At Gainey’s Concrete Products, YOU can have it your way!

Turn Key

Concrete Only

At Gainey’s, turn key means we do it all with no headache for you.  We will excavate, install concrete, piping, pumps, control panel, limestone around the perimeter, fencing, and lighting.  Our crew will make quick work of it, while your crew moves on to bigger and better things. Gainey’s supplies a full range of Wet Wells and Valve pits for contractors to install no matter how big or small the project may be.  All structures are made per your site specifications including specialized coatings, admixtures, and pipe penetrations.



CONCRETE: Class 1 concrete with design strength of 4500 PSI at 28 days.
REINFORCEMENT: Conforms to ASTM C478- “Standard Specification for Precast Reinforced Concrete Manhole Sections”
HATCHES: Pedestrian rated for 300 PSI.

Standard Drawings Available

Sizes indicated are inside measurements

Typical Effluent Lift Station PDF
48″, 60″, 72″ & 96″ Diameter Wet Well and Valve Pit Details PDF
120″ & 144″ Diameter Sizes Available Email:

Looking for a CAD drawing? Contact Cyndi Glascock at

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