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Gainey’s loves CUSTOM precast!

Why choose precast CONCRETE?


Reduced site disruption and downtime.


Increased strength – over 7500PSI in compression!


NO weather delays! Your pieces are waiting to ship when you pull the trigger.


Less Dependence on Field Labor.


Increased corrosion resistance and durability.


More quality control check points in place.

How to convert

cast-in-place to precast

From massive 125,000 lb. slabs to intricately cast pedestals, Gainey’s loves to do CUSTOM precast! If a project calls for cast‐in‐place, the odds are we can redesign it around precast. Our technical sales team can review a set of plans and let you know if it would be a good application for PRECAST in the same day and typically within an hour!

Examples of Various Custom PRECAST Structures Gainey’s produces

Modular Platforms

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