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Precast Concrete


Gainey's is the leading manufacturer of Custom, Wastewater, Stormwater, and Industrial precast concrete products throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast




Let us help you get the appropriate permits so we can get your project moving forward

DEQ Permitting Document

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Lunch n learns

for PDH & CEU Credit

Use our courses to satisfy your annual professional requirements! Come in, take a tour of our plant, and have lunch on us! Let us bring your team lunch and come to you.


Design Consultation

  • Custom Commercial/Industrial Precast Structures

  • Grease Trap Sizing

  • WWTPs and Lift Stations sizing & design

Contracting Licenses

Municipal and Public Works Construction

Pipe Work (Sewer)

Pipe Work (Water Lines)

Sewer Plants or Sewer Disposal

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems 4.jpg

Provide Mechanical Equipment
for Wastewater & Stormwater

Mechanical Equipment we offer at Gainey’s:

  • Motors

  • Blowers (PD and Regen)

  • Pumps (Submersible and Above Ground)

  • Tertiary Filters

  • Control Panels

  • Flow Measurement Devices

  • System Monitoring Devices

  • Chlorinators

Sewer Treatment Plant Blowers
Sewer Treamtent Control Panel Open
Sewer Treatment Plant Control Panel Closed

Coating on Precast Structures

We offer a Coal Tar Epoxy coating that assists with water-proofing your precast structure.  The Coal Tar Epoxy coating acts as a secondary barrier against any ground-water infiltration and any sewer that may try to escape.  We have used several different variations of this product, some being: Carboline Bitumastic 300M and Tnemec 46H


Our 100% Solids Epoxy coating is an Anti-Microbial coating designed to prevent corrosion inside of sewer structures caused by the sewer gasses trapped within the structure or sewer system.  We are experienced in the application of 2 different types of this coating.  Carboline Semstone 140 and Tnemec 218/434. 

Don't know what coating you need? Contact Cyndi
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