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3 Ways to Manage Company Culture

Updated: May 21

Company culture is a big deal. What goes on whenever the boss is not around… that is your company culture! You need to make sure that everyone involved in your company exhibits the same values. Read below for three ways to manage your company culture.

Ways to Manage Company Culture

Starts with Core Values

This is YOUR company, so the company culture and core values need to match YOUR principles. What traits do you look for in a business partner, employee, or even a friend? Your core values must reflect that. Maybe you admire integrity, drive, or achievement. Whatever the values may be, they should represent what you and your company are striving for. It is also important that you are actively living out these values. That way you can lead by example for your business.


Once core values are established, integrate them into your company. Post them all over your company, save them as computer screensavers, and have banners hung by the time clock, break room, and main gate. The more exposure your employees have to the core values, the more your company culture will evolve to your vision. Use your core values as a hiring tool. Hire employees that already have the same values as your company’s core values, instead of trying to coach them towards it. Typically, people do not change, so hire those who fit your company culture! During your company’s hiring process, create a survey where the candidates rate different values. This way you know if you are hiring the right candidate!

Track your Company Culture

Do you really know your company culture? Find out what goes on whenever you are not in the office. Conduct a confidential survey asking your employees about productivity. You can use survey monkey and make the questions open-ended. Separate from an employee annual review, take time to sit down with employees and ask them their opinion on critical components of the company. Assign other employees to be in charge of focus groups or small meetings. Guide them in the right direction, and they will be successful. You should not lead everything. This will guide your company culture in the right direction!

Contact Us

Lisa Roache, our CEO, is passionate about company culture. She helped create and manage the bright, fun culture at Gainey’s! If you need any help with establishing core values or have any questions about company culture, contact her. While you are here on our website, check out what we do!

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