Below are some of Gainey’s feature Projects. Click to view more photos!

Sanitary & Stormwater

Industrial Structures

CF Industries Pipe Pedestals

Turner Industries contacted Gainey's to manufacture 35 pipe pedestals for foam pipe supports at CF Industries.  Gainey's not only met their required timeline, but beat it by 7 days, pulling them ahead of schedule on their project!

Inertia Block

The Inertia Block Gainey's fabricated for Monsanto was precision personified. The block was designed to support a centrifuge with a custom designed mounting bracket. This piece had to be manufactured to within a 3/32" tolerance, and was the most precise structure Gainey's had made to that point.

14 x 14 Honeywell Structures

When Honeywell sets out to protect the environment, they do it right. This 14' x 14' secondary containment structure was designed and manufactured with 12" walls and custom sloped support beams. As if 12" of 6500PSI concrete wasn't enough for secondary containment, this structure was installed underground with 18" more concrete poured around its perimeter!


Updating a 50-year old tank containment system, while maintaining the system itself is a tall order. Creating and installing the new retaining wall was just one integral part of the project, and Gainey's performed. The entire project was completed 5-days ahead of schedule despite extreme weather, and other complications.

Chemical Plant Secondary Containment Slab

Gainey’s worked together with B&H Distributors to design a precast secondary containment railway slab for a chemical plant in south Louisiana. These structures are to be used during the loading of caustic soda onto railway cars at their facility in St. Gabriel, Louisiana.  Gainey’s has successfully produced and delivered two of the six containment slabs needed. These precast slabs weigh nearly 125,000 pounds and measure in at 45 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 2 feet tall!  We are currently manufacturing the third and fourth slabs to be delivered in late September.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Custom Structures

Breasting Dolphin

The Mississippi River Port Breasting Dolphins was the project that kept Gainey’s on its toes! From casting in 8’2” steel plates with Nelson studs welded in a specific pattern, to flush-cast pipes, this project required great attention to detail. With frequently changing details, it also required updates to both designs and fabrication methods throughout the project. Never a company to shrink from a challenge, Gainey’s completed the project accurately and on time. The final touch on this project was receiving a 2016 NPCA CUP Award in the Underground Category.

Arbor Walk 200,000 Gallon Holding System

Talk about CUSTOM!  Every facet of this job was custom designed from the 12' tall precast panels to the 3 types of stainless steel mechanical connections to the 20 sealant trials for the joint design!  All of this came together to provide 200,000 gallons of holding capacity for Arbor Walk Subdivision's sewer treatment plant that was installed in only 1 week!

Livingston Parish Auger Trash Trap

This very narrow structure had to be cast with precise interior dimensions to match the screw auger that would be screening and removing the miscellaneous trash and debris commonly found in prison wastewater.

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